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Highlights from the AGM

What an inspiring AGM to attend! It was so good to hear how far we have come! Keith Struthers, our anthroposophical architect, was at hand to present the plans for the building of the Primary School classrooms that are due to start this year. Although there were a few parents in attendance, we would like […]

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Lower Primary Present The Jungle Theatre

The Primary School children were in for a real treat in assembly when they met the talented Vinnie from Jungle Theatre. It is so much fun to see a good actor perform. Bursts of laughter accompanied his brief sketches of some of the characters from the 5th May, Jungle Theatre show that will be performed […]

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A Night to Revel In – The Art Auction

For some, it’ll be their first time at an art auction, when, a month from now, bidding numbers will be clasped in hand, in anticipation for that favourite item to be brought onto the stage. For you, it’s the jersey knitted from alpaca wool, for me, the watercolour painting and for him, the scuba diving […]

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The Relevence of Handwork and Craft

Our Parenting Craft Circle meets every Monday in teacher Leigh’s classroom from 12.30 – 2pm.  This inspired group is already working towards the Spring Fair later this year. All parents are welcome to join.                 What is the role of hand and craft work in the unfolding of human […]

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Snippets from the Classrooms

Teacher Shelby’s Class 1’s are encountering every new letter in so many ways… The letter ‘C’ came to them in a story of a chameleon. They practiced shaping it with clay, drawing it on their small blackboards, making the shapes with their bodies, and writing it in their books. Coming up with words starting with […]

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Farewell to Natalie in Admin

Sadly we say farewell to Natalie Steyn-Scherr, our Bursar and HR Coordinator, who has been an employee and parent at Imhoff for the past three years. We would like to thank Natalie for her services and contibution towards the school, especially the High School. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours and […]

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Welcome to our new Sports Coach

Our sports team welcomes Dale Honeyman to Imhoff Waldorf. Dale has completed his sports coaching diploma from ETA College (Exercise Training Academy) and is continuing his sports education with an online Sports Conditioning Training course. Dale was awarded Western Province colours for squash, he is an experienced Primary School golf, surfing and cricket coach and […]

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Class 2 Knitting

How to support our Sponsorship Programme

Should you be inspired to contribute to this very worthy endeavour please contact us stating your intention and we will inform you as to which child requires sponsorship. When you sponsor a child you will receive a school report twice annually, photographs, and pictures drawn by the child. You will also receive the sponsorship newsletter. […]

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Discipline in the Waldorf Kindergarten

In Kindergarten at a Waldorf school there are many objectives in the classroom and playground. One of the main focuses in the classroom setting is allowing and assessing the children as they are within the group. At age 4, 5 and 6 certain thresholds are crossed and experiences assimilated as the child grows in confidence and […]

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Pic by Barbara Louw-Noori Doray and Geese

Class 4 Family Camp at Petervale Farm

Call it a touch of nostalgia but being a parent throws one back to one’s own childhood, and one of the most wonderful things in my childhood was the bond established in our class at Constantia Waldorf between our classmates, our parents and our teachers. The connections were encouraged and nurtured by our class teacher […]

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Why a Play in Waldorf Schools?

For almost every grade in most Waldorf schools, there is a class play. This is an exciting event and means a great deal to everyone: the teachers, the students, the parents, the extended families of students. Interestingly enough, Rudolf Steiner never indicated that every year should have a class play! This is a tradition built […]

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