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A Night to Revel In – The Art Auction

For some, it’ll be their first time at an art auction, when, a week from now, bidding numbers will be clasped in hand, in anticipation for that favourite item to be brought onto the stage. The live auction, presented by comedian and deep south local, Rob van Vuuren, promises to thrill and delight guests. And as […]

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Peter van Alphen, Willem van der Velden and Prof. Andrew Spiegel with the B Ed Graduates on the 23rd March 2018

Graduation at The Centre for Creative Education (CCE)

The CCE is an independent, non-profit, Waldorf-inspired institution. It is fully accredited for the following courses: Bachelor of Education (Foundation Phase Teaching) for teaching children from Grade R – Grade 3 Bachelor of Arts (Dance) in Eurythmy (an art of movement) for teaching, performing or guiding social processes Certificates in Early Childhood Development (NQF Levels 4 and 5) for […]

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A Small Step to Making a Huge Difference

We recently launched our range of eco shopper bags with great excitement. And while this may seem like a simple material bag, there is so much more to them than what you see. At face value, they are both beautiful and practical – but it is what they represent that makes them special. Our bags […]

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A Proud Night for Past Students

A proud night at the Fish Hoek High School one act plays, especially when Waldorf students took the awards. Congratulations to Liam Bernstein for best actor, Katlego Nazo and Kerryn Helfrich as best supporting actors and superb play part written and directed by Jemma Nel! Imhoff Waldorf School

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Kommetjie Winter Sports Day

Imhoff Waldorf sent 4 soccer teams to the Kommetjie Winter Sports Day, on Saturday, 26 May. The under 9 team played their first match as a team – there was great excitement and nervous energy from both players and parents. Khanya Jaca, the player of the match, was the only goal scorer which gave Imhoff […]

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Launch of the Readathon

The excitement on Monday morning was palpable as we arrived to find teachers and children transformed… “Teacher Daniel is Willie Wonka! Teacher Ester is Liewe Hexie! Teacher Shelby is The Indian in the Cupboard!” Oh, the joys of seeing an authority figure being a little silly! Teachers joined the children in dressing up as favourite […]

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Why Waldorf Education is a Great Choice for Environmentally Conscious Parents

Waldorf education, also sometimes known as Steiner Education, is a specific approach to pedagogy that was developed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1919. Emphasizing creativity, learning-by-doing, craft, storytelling and a focus on the natural world, Waldorf is one of the fastest growing alternative school systems in the world, and is, ironically, surging in popularity in high-tech […]

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Diversity, Well-Being and Sponsorship at Imhoff

“When we hear the word “diversity” we tend to think about racial and gender differences first. But there is much more to it, including differences in religious belief, language, wealth, education, family, physical features, dress, interest, skills, age, life-style and the list goes on…” With this text above, Khanyisa Waldorf’s teachers introduced the theme of […]

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Class 6 Visit the Slave Lodge

Our Class 6 Afrikaans teacher Ester took us to the Slave Lodge in town, as we had started learning about colonies in the Cape and how the Dutch started bringing in slaves. When we got there we first stopped at the Company Gardens to have lunch and feed some squirrels. It started raining so we decided to […]

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Being Nine Years Old

The teacher knelt before the boy to explain how to cross the street carefully and to check to see if he felt uneasy about crossing without a teacher holding his hand. The boy’s mother was taking a job in the area and she wanted her children in a Waldorf school. The boy had come to […]

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Snippets from the Classrooms

Class 5 have left Persia and are busy with another Main Lesson already, but their work is a lovely reminder of the beautiful stories they heard during their time there. They wrote their names in the Old Persian Alphabet (Aryan Script) with great care.               Class 5 is forging […]

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Fezile Mdzinwa is Appointed Class 1 Teacher for 2019

We welcome our Class 1 teacher, Fezile Mdzinwa! How long have you taught at Imhoff Waldorf School? 15 years. How and why did you becomes a teacher? I didn’t really want to be one until I discovered Waldorf. Waldorf changed my mind about education in 1993. I had wanted to be a lawyer before that […]

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7 Benefits of Waldorf's "Writing to Read" Approach

7 Benefits of Waldorf’s “Writing to Read” Approach

Waldorf Education starts to set the foundation for reading in kindergarten. Learning to read is allowed to evolve for each child in the same form as it evolved from the beginning of humanity: spoken language developed first, then people drew pictures to communicate their ideas, followed by symbols such as hieroglyphics and finally the abstract […]

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Medieval Festival

“Squires… Today you will have training and if you manage to complete the tasks successfully, you will be knighted.” Alhambra, Tintagel, Camelot, Warwick, Des Chevaliers, Lalibela . . . These were the chosen castles to which the squires belonged. The 2018 Medieval Festival was held on the 12th May and hosted by Constantia Waldorf School. […]

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