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Friendships for ages 10 – 11

Friendships are an amazing (and sometimes challenging thing!) for children of the ages ten to fifteen to really navigate! This week is friend week at The Parenting Passageway, and we will discover what children ages 10-15 really need to make friendships that thrive! Ten- year -olds really love their friends, and it can be astounding all […]

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Creating Leaders for the 21st Century

With our world changing exponentially before us, we must ask: What do children need to learn today in order to succeed in the future? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 65% of today’s grade school kids will be in jobs that don’t yet exist. How does an education system best teach children to succeed […]

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Poerty by Class 7s

The class seven children were given a new, made up form of poetry which they tried out and then came up with some lovely poems. After this task, some created their own poems as a form of expression. Below are a few poems by some class seven children. Enjoy! STAR by HANA PARKER Shining, stunning […]

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Snippets from the Classrooms

Beautiful wet-on-wet paintings in the Class 6 classroom.               Coming to the end of a colourful term full of play, joy and creativity in the Kindergarten!                 The Primary School had a morning filled with music. Teacher Bruce and Classes 2 to […]

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St John’s Festival in the Primary School

It is wonderful to experience the build-up to and excitement of a beautiful festival like St John’s. In the southern hemisphere it is winter and our days are shorter and our nights long and cold. This interplay of dark and night, warmth and cold is at the heart of our festival. The singing of songs, […]

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St John’s Festival in the Pre-school

Of what relevance is St John the Baptist to us today? His message to the people was to repent or radically to change their thinking and outlook. He proclaimed that people should look beyond themselves and develop a social conscience. He encouraged them to look at the phenomena of the world with new awareness for […]

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The Class 2s performed their play ‘Anansi and the Sky God’

Why Class Plays? The class play gives a teacher many chances to build the social strength in the class. It often also reinforces aspects of the curriculum. It changes the routine in a stimulating, artistic way that provides relief from the steady rhythm of the days and weeks and months of the school year. This […]

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