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Happy Birthday Waldorf

Happy Birthday Waldorf

23 April in 1919 – Birthday of the 1st Waldorf School, Stuttgart Germany. Emil Molt asked Rudolf Steiner for his help & guidance to start a school for his workers children. It was on April 23, 1919, after a lecture Steiner gave to the factory workers on the 3-fold social order that Molt asked Steiner […]

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Our New Address

Our new entrance is corner of Kommetijie & Slangkop Road, Kommetjie. Thank you to Adonis and Lulamile for all their hard work preparing the new entrance.

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Our Vision

To know and share our visions and intentions, locally and globally. To learn from our past, so that healing may shine on the seeds of our intentions. To flow forward with assertive attitudes and powerfully planted action plans. To nurture mindful leadership, sustainable growth and abundance with clarity of purpose. To believe in and increase […]

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Appeal to help sustain the Move

If you would like to help our Move, please make a personal reach out with our PAY IT FORWARD plan. Also, keep an eye out for more plans to sustain the Move to be shared this month. Visit to learn more and share.  

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Getting Back into the Rhythm of the Primary School

I returned to teach at Imhoff Waldorf at the beginning of this term and the familiar warmth of the first day assembly was a valuable reminder of what it is that makes Imhoff Waldorf school so special. The routine of the weekly assembly is well-known to all of the teachers and children of the Primary […]

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Hellos and Goodbyes

    Am I safe? Can I trust you? Will you be there for me when I need you? Do I feel connected? In a seemingly endless loop these questions are hardwired into our psyche as we go through our daily interactions, both as children and as parents. In adult life, perhaps, perseverance in mindfulness […]

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Autumn Garden Party

Toddler class welcomed back all parents and children to Term 2 and we are in the beautiful Autumn theme. This term we are enjoying crafts made with leaves and are having fun in the garden watching the surroundings and colours change. We had a lovely little garden party last week and had lots of fun […]

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save the date

Dates to Remember April 2019

                            Dates to remember: Our Annual Auction 8th June 2019 Our Spring Fare Please save the date: 7th September 2019 Class and Individual Photos Please return your Class Photos Order packs by latest Friday 10th May 2019.

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thank you

Thank you April 2019

Tin Drive – 23rd to 26th April Thank you to all those who supported the Tin Drive, organised by “Let’s Help Each Other” in Ocean View, which will benefit families, schools and feeding schemes in the suburb.  

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