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Fez and Leo

Transition from Pre-School to Primary School

  Please join us for a talk on the “Transition from Pre-School to Primary School” at our Imhoff Waldorf School on Wednesday 31 July at 6pm in our Movement Room. Or visit our Pre-School between 9 and 11am from 31 July to 2 August. Simply call us on 021 783 3056 or email to […]

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Come and visit us

  Visitor’s Days By appointment, for 30 minutes per family. Toddler group: 31 July & 1 August, 9 – 11am. Playgroup: 31 July, 9 – 11am. Kindergarten: 31 July, 1 & 2 August, 9 – 11am. Parent & Child group: 2 August, 9 – 11am.   Or call us on 021 783 3056 to make […]

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IWS_Spaces_Available_20202 (1)

Apply now

                There are still a few spaces available for 2019 and 2020. Simply call 021 783 3056 or email Please apply before the end of August 2019.

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Trees & Sun

Waldorf Primary Curriculum

  The Waldorf Primary curriculum builds up through the years and the teachers offer challenges and opportunities that harness the growing curiosity and conceptual thinking of the children in a positive and healthy way. While the children need to increasingly understand the nature of how things work, there is still a yearning for story and […]

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Class 1

First Grade Curriculum: Paradise

  First Grade is often compared to as a paradise, a happy time full of those comforting surroundings created by their teacher and parents in order to hold them within a protected environment from which to begin their great journey toward adulthood. The task of the First Grade teacher is to help the children make the […]

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Class 2

Second Grade Curriculum: Duality

    Much of what is done in the second grade year builds upon the groundwork laid in the first grade, increasing the repertoire of knowledge and skills developed in the previous year. The second grader’s learning through imitation is still prevalent and their thinking is still very pictorial.  Thus the teacher continues to present […]

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Class 3

Third Grade Curriculum: Turning Point

  The third grade is often called the turning point of childhood. The eight-year-old is going through a change that is particularly profound. Rudolf Steiner describes how the nine-year-old experiences, at a spiritual level, what the three-year-old experienced when first using the word “I”. Before the age of nine, the major part of the child’s […]

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Class 4

Fourth Grade Curriculum: Crossing Divides

  In the fourth grade, that blanket of young childhood has been tossed aside, and the child feels very separate from any of the security and comforts that previously were supportive. This is a time to look around and see how one stands in relationship to that which is near, and to find security and […]

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Class 5

Fifth Grade Curriculum: Golden Year

  Fifth grade is referred to as the “golden year” because students at this age are enthusiastic about learning, eager for new challenges and capable of hard work and creativity. A sense of self-consciousness emerges, yet they remain confident and harmonious with their surroundings. They develop an ordered sense of space and time, and hold […]

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Class 6

Sixth Grade Curriculum: Cause and Effect

  The children are now busy leaving the golden years of childhood behind them. They are coming out of a period of balance, ‘The Heart of Childhood’, into a phase of change. There is often a sense of sadness as they look back to the years of innocence and play as well as a feeling […]

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Class 7

Seventh Grade Curriculum: Cusp of Adolescence

  This is the final year of Primary School and the year in which the children turn 13. Now the children stand on the cusp of adolescence. It is a time of exploration, searching and discovery as they come into a new relationship with the world; a time of rapid growth and many changes as […]

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Klemps on new land

Work picnic on our new land

Friday 26 July marked a sharing of tasks on our new land, to get it ready and prepared for our move in the near future. It was celebrated with a bring-and-share picnic lunch. We brought our trowels, axes, spades, gloves and loads of enthusiasm. “May there reign here spirit-strength in love; May there work here […]

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12 Senses

Links on 12 senses to linger on and more

  12 Senses       To support our MOVE: To support our SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMME:                   To order more CLASS PHOTOS or NOVELTY ITEMS or queries:                

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