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A personal story and appeal by Patrick Dowling, former parent

In 1996 there was stony ground, spider gums, a big old pine tree, ten hopeful parents, their children, imagination, energy and a plan (much of it conceived in the fecund and adaptive mind of Lisa Phillips whose children Lucy and Paul now in their late twenties helped test out.) By 1997, this had turned into […]

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Class 1 2020

  Bilqis Panday Class 1 Teacher 2020 We welcome Bilqis in her new role as Class 1 Teacher at Imhoff Waldorf School in 2020. Teacher Bilqis told the children an inspiring story at the very last assembly on Imhoff Farm on Friday 19 August 2019. In her words: This is my third year of working in […]

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Transition Time

  Teachers and Parents have been digging up and gathering plants on our old land for replanting. Botanists have been doing a series of follow up search and rescue sweeps, particularly for some of the bulbs that arrived with spring, on our new land. This photo by Sam Glen shows a tiny indigenous Orchid, safely […]

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Then and now

              Pop- Up Open Day Market On the last Saturday gathering on our old land, 17 August, some of our families and friends gathered for a little market with 12 stalls, in the old Kindergarten class nearest to our new land. It was a heartwarming way to remember where […]

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Cabbage Exp

Class 7 Recycling & Chemistry 2019

Mandela Day Recycling Class 7 presented their Mandela Day task to the Primary School assembly and Class 7 parents: We decided, as a class, to do a beach clean-up for Mandela Day this year.  His campaign is all about the fact that each individual has the power to transform the world and we can each […]

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Out with the old, in with the new

What a surprise for all the teachers, parents and children, being told to pack up in two weeks, because the time has come for our school to move. It came as a moment of final realisation that our long term dream was actually happening. There were lots of mixed feelings, as there is with change, […]

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Farewell to 21 years on Imhoff Farm

21 years ago we began with one classroom on stilts, and the trust of the families that began it all.  So many, many stories to tell surrounding that special piece of earth where Imhoff has grown up. So many footsteps in the sand.   As is tradition, after the first 3 cycles of 7 years we […]

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Handling Children’s Questions – 1962

From about the age of three children begin to be full of questions, and it is sometimes a matter of great difficulty for their parents to find the right answers to them. Every question demands its own individual answer, but it can be of great value, in deciding what answer to give, to have a […]

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Links to linger on

Links to linger on

  Waldorf curriculum: An endless cycle of renewal       How ‘twisted’ early childhood has become – from a child development expert         Is Waldorf still a school for ‘hippies’, or in fact better at preparing kids for adulthood?                   […]

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