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A personal story and appeal by Patrick Dowling, former parent

In 1996 there was stony ground, spider gums, a big old pine tree, ten hopeful parents, their children, imagination, energy and a plan (much of it conceived in the fecund and adaptive mind of Lisa Phillips whose children Lucy and Paul now in their late twenties helped test out.) By 1997, this had turned into […]

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Pre-School Aftercare Programme Develops In 2019

As our Aftercare develops, I am very excited to propose a weekly programme for my Pre-school Aftercare for 2019. The activities suggested are not exhaustive but part of a wider range that I would like to develop as the Aftercare changes into a fun, creative space for the children. Here is an outline: Mondays Baking […]

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Sylvia Spreads Her Wings To The Kindergarten

Sylvia Bleki began in Playgroup eight years ago. She initially volunteered with my second class once a month whilse she was training at the Centre for Creative Education. Heidi and David Evans supported and encouraged her to do the training. In my first year I had a group of twelve children on my own and […]

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Class 5 Camp At Back 2 Basics

On the 7th of November the Class 5s went on camp to Back 2 Basics. It is a lovely spot just past Elgin, filled with pine trees, a dam and adventure. We were met by our two robust facilitators, who showed us our tents and bunk beds. This is only camp I have been on […]

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Team flag painting Santa Cruz

Class 6 Camp at Bonamanzi Adventures

I had the privilege of experiencing my first camp as a Waldorf teacher with my Class 6 children this term and what a blast it was!  We gathered on a Sunday afternoon to board our bus, and after a small glitch with transport, we headed off to Bonamanzi – a family-owned adventure camp set on […]

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Class 7 Play “Magellan The Navigator”

We travelled around the world with Class 7’s final play “Magellan The Navigator” as they too prepare to set sail into high school and their futures. Magellan’s great dream to discover distant lands was fraught with challenges, difficult passage, unknown waters, internal fighting and challenges to his command, not to mention encounters with antagonistic island […]

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A Warm Welcome to Charlene in Class 2

Our children bring us many gifts: one of these is the opportunity to experience unconditional love.  As parents we can mature and become more selfless in ways that can help us serve our beautiful Earth. I came across Waldorf Education because I was looking for an education system that would help to develop my children’s love […]

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Waldorf 100 Torch

We were blessed to receive The Michael Mount Waldorf 100 torch. This special torch for Waldorf 100 symbolises the light of Waldorf education as it passes from one school to another around South Africa and abroad, unifying and reaffirming our collective Waldorf spirit. The ‘Marathon around the World’ torch project was initiated by the Michael […]

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The importance of rhythm, routine and play in the Kindergarten

In Kindergarten, the security of knowing and being is grown through the rhythm of the day and the repetition of the familiar. The rhythm and repetition of how things are done, where things are kept, as well as a rhythm in the appropriate response of the teacher all contribute to the development of the child. […]

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Bloublommetjieskloof Bio-Dynamic Farm

Class 3 went on their very first class camp – to Bloublommetjieskloof Bio-dynamic Farm in Wellington. They were given an authentic, old-style farming experience which included activities such as milking the cows, butter-making, compost-making and other general farm duties. It was lovely to watch them interact with all of the different farm animals. In the […]

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Sports Day

On a blustery Friday the Imhoff children arrived in yellow, blue, red and green for our annual sports day. The air was electric with enthusiasm, good comraderie and team spirit.  This year we welcomed a few new variations to the races, which added a challenge and excitement.  We had our lovely coaches, Kyle and Dale, […]

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“Roma-Amor” Presented by Class 6

The Class 6s put on a fun comedy called Roma Amor which centres on life in Rome under the extravagant rule of Emperor Nero. It is a crazy love story about noble Roman twins who choose to switch roles so that they can be near the one their heart desires. The young maiden join the […]

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Parent & Child Circle

Our Parent & Child Circle is a wonderful way to introduce your child to a classroom experience, and for parents to learn more about the rich, developmental approach of Waldorf education. The home-like atmosphere of the program is calming and enriching for both the young child and the attending parent, and provides quality time together […]

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