We would love to hear from our past pupils and find out what they have achieved and experienced since their days at Imhoff Waldorf School. Below is some news on past pupils.

Congratulations to Sacha-Rose Stott (Alex’s daughter) who became engaged to Ashley Nicholas Bradley from Kommetjie recently. Sacha-Rose is not planning to marry until she has completed her studies in Early Child-hood Development at Varsity College. She was one of the students in the pioneering class at Imhoff. (Posted in August 2011)

Past student Morgan January came to visit us recently and re-united with Cindy. Morgan is now studying at Masiphumelele High School. (Posted in April 2011)

Talia Skorge paid us an unexpected visit recently – she was also part of the first group of pioneer students at Imhoff. Talia has spent the past couple of years hard at work as a stewardess on big motor yachts in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. She works long hours, but is rewarded by seeing wonderful places in the world and has just returned from a skiing holiday in the USA. (Posted in May 2010).