An aftercare service for the Kindergarten and Primary school children from Class 1-3 is offered at Imhoff Waldorf.

A loving and secure home-like environment is provided following the Waldorf ethos, and the focus is on providing the children with healthy play and rest.

The Aftercare for Kindergarten childrenĀ is held in a Kindergarten classroom and garden. This provides a contained environment separate from the Primary School. The children are free to choose to play inside, with the blocks and toys, read books or draw, or they can play outside in the enchanting garden. The garden is a large play area with sandpit, jungle gym, a tyre swing and plenty of space for the children to explore.

There is a place for the children to nap should they want to, and after lunch a story is told so that the children can rest, and their tummies settle before enjoying free play.

The Primary school aftercare is held in a Primary school classroom. Children have lunch together and then either play, draw, do craft or read stories.

If any parents want to put their child into aftercare then please make sure to pre-arrange it and write their name on the aftercare list at the office. Regular attenders will automatically be placed on the list so parents don’t have to do this daily.

Kindergarten: 12.30pm- 3pm
Primary School: 1pm – 3pm or 5pm

FEES: R1000 monthly until 3pm and R1500 monthly until 5pm, payable monthly in advance, cash or EFT. Invoiced monthly. (Standard rate)

CASUAL FEES: R70/day until 3pm and R120/day until 5pm for casual aftercare, payable on the day