About Imhoff

Our Vision

Philosophy of education – to educate according to the philosophy of Rudolph Steiner’s principles and honour the unique life path of every child so that they can reach their highest potential

Diversity – to embrace and integrate all cultures and income groups

Community – to nurture a healthy social life originated in a strong sense of community

Environment – to cultivate reverence for nature and deepen our responsibility toward our natural environment

Creative Practice – to invite imagination, inspiration and intuition to flow freely and abundantly and to nurture the creative spirit.

Our Mission

Imhoff Waldorf School provides an education of excellence based on Rudolph Steiner’s comprehensive understanding of the human being and the development of the child. Our curriculum and teaching practice honours children’s emotional, intellectual and ethical development and constantly inspires children toward being imaginative, creative, self-motivated and respectful of each other and their environment.

By implementing a sponsorship programme for previously disadvantaged families and by practicing multi-cultural awareness and understanding, Imhoff Waldorf School fosters cultural diversity by engaging with the surrounding communities.

Imhoff Waldorf School has a strong sense of community. This is developed through constant parental involvement and support, fundraising projects and an understanding of the needs of our pioneering school.

Imhoff Waldorf School is an eco-school and fosters a deep reverence for nature which reflects throughout the curriculum. The school uses renewable energy resources, is mindful of its impact on the environment and educates the children in environmental awareness.