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    • Community Notices

    • Our 100 Club

      The brainchild of former Imhoff parent, Tamzin Shaw, the 100 Club has been running for a few years. The profits go towards building our new school – The Dragon Tree Project – and along the …Read More »
    • Water Update

      We have all embraced the new way of living with our current water situation.  In fact, I wonder whether any of us will ever be able to go back to having a long hot shower. …Read More »
    • Community Market

      Imhoff Waldorf rests on four pillars, of which Community is one. In the spirit of community, Imhoff parents are invited to trade (and advertise) and on school grounds once a Term, on the same day …Read More »
    • Craft Shop

      The craft shop runs every Thursday from 12pm until 1pm. We also feature at the Community Market held towards the end of every term. The next Community Market is on 15 March 2018 from 12pm …Read More »
    • Dragon Tree Project Update

      Rain brings hope, and so the thunder and lightning show we saw this month brought more than a spectacular show. It also reminds us that we are not alone on this journey on earth, but …Read More »
    • The Truth About Age Twelve

      The age of twelve is remarkable. As childhood comes to its end, the twelve-year-old can feel accomplishment and mastery of many skills in jump rope, running, reading, arithmetic, high jumping, memorization, writing, logic, and reasoning. …Read More »
    • India Day in Class 5

      In class 5 the children hear lovely stories on the Ancient Mythologies. We started in the fog swirling land of Atlantis and travelled to the hot, dry land of India where the stories of Brahma, …Read More »
    • Celebrating Founder’s Day

      Rudolf Steiner was born on 25 February 1861, and opened the first “FreeWaldorf School” in Stuttgart in Germany in 1919. It is a tradition that all Waldorf Schools around the world celebrate Founder’s Day. On …Read More »
    • 100 Years of Waldorf

      Waldorf education has become one of the fastest growing independent school movements in the world. There are 18 Waldorf Schools in South Africa and over 1,100 Waldorf Schools in over 80 countries around the globe …Read More »
    • Pre-school Aftercare with Giselle Downes

      I am so privileged to be doing pre-school aftercare once again. It has been an exciting and magical experience since 2017 when I joined Imhoff Waldorf. Prior to this I was a Grade R teacher, …Read More »
    • Can Energetic Boys Enjoy Handwork?

      How does Waldorf education regard “boy energy” in relation to the emphasis on crafts and fine motor skills, given that boys typically have less interest than girls in these? When the first Waldorf School opened …Read More »
    • News from the Kindergarten

      Josephine’s Kindergarten class said goodbye to Robyn who has been assisting Josephine for a year. Robyn had the opportunity to take up further training at the Centre for Creative Education (CCE). We wish her all …Read More »
    • A Glimpse into the Parent & Child Circle

      Imhoff Waldorf offers a wonderful Parent & Child Circle for parents, grandparents or caregivers. The class is a gentle introduction to Waldorf education, the classroom and getting to know the teacher. It is a wonderful …Read More »
    • A Tribute to Lyda Bräunlich, Founder of South African Waldorf Schools

      ESTABLISHING THE FIRST WALDORF NURSERY SCHOOL IN SOUTH AFRICA Early in September of 1958, the decision was made to open a Waldorf school in Pinelands. Negotiations were held with Garden Cities of Pinelands with regard …Read More »