Imhoff Indaba News

    • The wonderful beginning

      Class 1 – The wonderful beginning. How lovely it is to play the Marimba, to use it instead of bell or recorder, to see how they listen to it, as it beckons them to run …Read More »
    • Approach to Reading and Writing in Class One

      Writing comes before reading in Class 1 as it is more concrete, practical and less intellectually demanding. When we work with writing, the whole being of the child is involved. The child not only sees …Read More »
    • Curriculum Overview in a Waldorf Primary School

      Grade 1 First Grade is often compared to as a paradise, a happy time full of those comforting surroundings created by their teacher and parents in order to hold them within a protected environment from …Read More »
    • A Goodbye Note from Ester Ruttman

      11 February 2019 Dear Parents, It is with such a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Imhoff Waldorf School. I have come to know and love so many of you and your children. The …Read More »
    • Thank You from Siyakhula

      Dear Imhoff  We would like to thank you for the veggies that you are donating to Siyakhula. It helps a lot and has made a huge difference to our children. We would like you to …Read More »
    • Community Notices

    • Learning pure joy from the children 

      Today I have cooking and baking planned for my aftercare and I brought my pasta machine. The children arrive and their eyes and imagination are immediately captured by this silvery, sparkly, shiny object. And the …Read More »
    • Dream Consciousness

      In the pre-school, parents may encounter the concept of “dream consciousness” when talking to teachers. Many parents are uncertain as to what this might mean.  Dream consciousness?  This means that we encourage parents to respect their small …Read More »
    • Welcome event 2019

      On the 9th of February Waldorf parents, old and new, gathered with the school body to welcome the new term and year. Reflection by Ester Ruttman “What a beautiful Orientation Day we had today, in …Read More »
    • Welcome back

      Dear Imhoff Family, This first Indaba newsletter is all about New Beginnings. What makes the Imhoff Waldorf School different? We offer holistic, creative education. It’s a unique rural experience not often found in present urban …Read More »