Imhoff Indaba News

    • Class 1 2020

        Bilqis Panday Class 1 Teacher 2020 We welcome Bilqis in her new role as Class 1 Teacher at Imhoff Waldorf School in 2020. Teacher Bilqis told the children an inspiring story at the very last …Read More »
    • Transition Time

        Teachers and Parents have been digging up and gathering plants on our old land for replanting. Botanists have been doing a series of follow up search and rescue sweeps, particularly for some of the …Read More »
    • Then and now

                    Pop- Up Open Day Market On the last Saturday gathering on our old land, 17 August, some of our families and friends gathered for a little market with …Read More »
    • Class 7 Recycling & Chemistry 2019

      Mandela Day Recycling Class 7 presented their Mandela Day task to the Primary School assembly and Class 7 parents: We decided, as a class, to do a beach clean-up for Mandela Day this year.  His …Read More »
    • Out with the old, in with the new

      What a surprise for all the teachers, parents and children, being told to pack up in two weeks, because the time has come for our school to move. It came as a moment of final …Read More »
    • Farewell to 21 years on Imhoff Farm

      21 years ago we began with one classroom on stilts, and the trust of the families that began it all.  So many, many stories to tell surrounding that special piece of earth where Imhoff has …Read More »
    • Handling Children’s Questions – 1962

      From about the age of three children begin to be full of questions, and it is sometimes a matter of great difficulty for their parents to find the right answers to them. Every question demands …Read More »
    • Links to linger on

        Waldorf curriculum: An endless cycle of renewal       How ‘twisted’ early childhood has become – from a child development expert         Is Waldorf still a school for …Read More »
    • Transition from Pre-School to Primary School

        Please join us for a talk on the “Transition from Pre-School to Primary School” at our Imhoff Waldorf School on Wednesday 31 July at 6pm in our Movement Room. Or visit our Pre-School between …Read More »
    • Come and visit us

        Visitor’s Days By appointment, for 30 minutes per family. Toddler group: 31 July & 1 August, 9 – 11am. Playgroup: 31 July, 9 – 11am. Kindergarten: 31 July, 1 & 2 August, 9 – …Read More »