A personal story and appeal by Patrick Dowling, former parent

In 1996 there was stony ground, spider gums, a big old pine tree, ten hopeful parents, their children, imagination, energy and a plan (much of it conceived in the fecund and adaptive mind of Lisa Phillips whose children Lucy and Paul now in their late twenties helped test out.) By 1997, this had turned into […]

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one hundred years

One hundred years of Waldorf

                        Using the principles of Rudolf Steiner, we develop morally responsible and socially integrated critical thinkers – people who are equipped to live in this challenging world. Waldorf education emphasises imagination in learning. We develop the whole individual, and that means integrating every part […]

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100 Deeds for 100 years – the Easter Egg Drive

Imhoff Waldorf community the opportunity to make many little hearts and some grown-up hearts happy. Teacher Giselle and Lina kindly delivered the eggs on behalf of the school. The donated eggs went to Bongelethu School, Siyakhula School, Generation Security guards, Ocean View Police Station, Happi Feet Daycare, Little Footprints, Little People Educare, Little Footsteps Educare, […]

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Of what relevance is St John the Baptist to us today?

His message to the people was to repent or radically to change their thinking and outlook. He proclaimed that people should look beyond themselves and develop a social conscience. He encouraged them to look at the phenomena of the world with a new awareness for life, in order to overcome the prejudices and fixed thoughts […]

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St John’s Primary School Festival

It is wonderful to experience the build-up to and excitement of a beautiful festival like St John’s. In the southern hemisphere, it is winter and our days are shorter and our nights long and cold. This interplay of dark and night, warmth and cold are at the heart of our festival. The singing of songs, […]

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Our New Address

Our new entrance is corner of Kommetijie & Slangkop Road, Kommetjie. Thank you to Adonis and Lulamile for all their hard work preparing the new entrance.

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Our Vision

To know and share our visions and intentions, locally and globally. To learn from our past, so that healing may shine on the seeds of our intentions. To flow forward with assertive attitudes and powerfully planted action plans. To nurture mindful leadership, sustainable growth and abundance with clarity of purpose. To believe in and increase […]

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Appeal to help sustain the Move

If you would like to help our Move, please make a personal reach out with our PAY IT FORWARD plan. Also, keep an eye out for more plans to sustain the Move to be shared this month. Visit https://gogetfunding.com/pay-it-forward-imhoff-waldorf/ to learn more and share.  

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Getting Back into the Rhythm of the Primary School

I returned to teach at Imhoff Waldorf at the beginning of this term and the familiar warmth of the first day assembly was a valuable reminder of what it is that makes Imhoff Waldorf school so special. The routine of the weekly assembly is well-known to all of the teachers and children of the Primary […]

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A home


Our homes are our shelters and our protection – but they are also the places we feel we can belong. We nurture ourselves and the people close to us here. We create havens from the world, so that we can then go out into it and engage with other people, and the challenges and rewards […]

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A story worth telling

Last weekend we were blessed with some rains, and during the week some more. The high temperatures matched with humidity culminated in a spectacular thunderstorm on Tuesday night. Besides the relief that comes with the earth cooling down after a hot day, the first drops that fell caused quite the stir. At Sun Valley Mall […]

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The start of things to come

It’s summer in Cape Town and now, more than ever, we have to respect our environment. The drought has hit us all hard and it has become a general custom in Cape Town to share and rejoice in news of each and every raindrop that falls. Nature also shows its gratitude, graciously responding with new […]

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