About Imhoff

Imhoff Waldorf School Vision

The vision Imhoff Waldorf School holds is to honour the unique life path of every child, in nurturing childhood, so that each child can reach their own highest potential, by applying Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy and principles of education.

We offer a supportive, rich, academic and creative curriculum which can inspire a love of learning that can continue through life. Our school provides a safe and balanced atmosphere, aesthetically pleasing and based on sustainable ecological practises. We cultivate a reverence for nature and responsibility towards the environment, embracing all students, staff and parents.

A core focus of the school is the integration of cultures, religions and income groups, while nurturing a healthy social life that originates from a strong sense of community.

We strive to lay a solid foundation for our students to become socially responsible and independent thinking adults.

Our Mission

The Rudolf Steiner based education which encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the human being and the development of the child, provides an education of excellence. Our curriculum and teaching methods honour the child’s emotional, intellectual, and physical aspects.

As an eco-conscious school, Imhoff Waldorf is mindful of its impact on the environment and continually educates the child in environmental awareness, evidenced by the robust curriculum which cultivates a deep reverence for nature.

Imhoff Waldorf has a strong sense of community and actively promotes parent involvement, investment and support in line with the needs of the school in its daily running, and with an intention towards expansion and sustainability. This is underpinned and supported by open and effective communication within the internal, and external school community.

A sponsorship programme ensures embracing multicultural diversity and support of the broader community.