Since its foundation, as part of our commitment to our ethos, we have established internal fundraising at the school. We could not truly call ourselves a community if we did not work and experience things together. As is stated in their contract with the school, there is a commitment from the parent body to participate in the fundraising events. This dedicated participation makes a huge difference in many ways:

  • It allows us to keep the fees affordable
  • For new parents it is a wonderful way to get to know other parents at the school
  • By supplementing the class levies it allows teachers the freedom to purchase equipment and materials when required.
  • We are committed to putting the fun back into fundraising and without the input and co-operation of everyone involved, we couldn’t!

Each event has a co-ordinator who manages the fundraising representatives of each class. Traditionally, we have one fund-raising event per term, involving either different faculties of the school or the entire school community.