Imhoff Waldorf School values sport and physical exercise. The value of sport as a means of maintaining physical fitness and wellbeing is emphasised above competitiveness.

Physical Education (PE)

PE takes place weekly within school hours and is facilitated by individual class teachers and trained coaches. Lessons include a variety of sports, games and skills. PE encourages children to be active and it promotes body awareness and fitness. It also teaches children how to work as part of a team, co-operate with others and play fairly.

In playgroup and kindergarten children have plenty of opportunity to play freely and interact with each other and nature. From Class 1 to Class 3 the focus of PE is on co-operative games and skills, with a slow introduction to competitive games. From Class 3, PE is run by trained coaches and children learn a variety of sports, games and skills. Sport is also promoted in high school and is offered in a balanced way.


Imhoff Waldorf School offers a comprehensive range of interesting and exciting sport programmes after school, which are run by professional coaches from Sport Stars. After school sport is only available after Class 3 when children are developmentally ready for more competitive sport.

The sports programme changes in summer and winter. Click on the link below for a detailed programme.

Summer sports include: tennis, movement gym, multisport and ball skills
Winter sports include: soccer, netball and hockey.

Please note that on those days when the weather is very stormy, the sport coaches will do inside activities with the children.