Since its foundation, as part of our commitment to our ethos, we have established internal fundraising at the school. We could not truly call ourselves a community if we did not work and experience things together. To meet our ever increasing requirements and remain affordable for the communities we serve, we need to fundraise beyond the events involving our school community to build capital for our school as well as raising money for our sponsorship programme.


Upper Primary children are sponsored per page or book that they read over the course of a term. This activity raises reading awareness, funds for our library and gets the children buzzing with inspiration.

Spring fair

Our annual fair brings our community together in authentic Waldorf style. The fair opens with a Maypole dance and each class holds a stall and puts to use the many talents and gifts the children and families.

Art auction

This event is about parents creating a special piece of art which is then offered to the community to bid on to raise funds for the school. This event is usually hosted by a comedian and in addition to the wonderful art on auction, it is an evening for the parents and staff to celebrate and share.

100 club

The 100 club draw happens each term. Authorised by the Lotto board, this is our most straightforward fundraiser: families pay a monthly sum and pick a lucky number to participate in winning the cash prize.