100 Deeds for 100 years – the Easter Egg Drive

Imhoff Waldorf community the opportunity to make many little hearts and some grown-up hearts happy. Teacher Giselle and Lina kindly delivered the eggs on behalf of the school. The donated eggs went to Bongelethu School, Siyakhula School, Generation Security guards, Ocean View Police Station, Happi Feet Daycare, Little Footprints, Little People Educare, Little Footsteps Educare, six foster children as well as elderly pensioners.

A little glimpse into where the eggs went:

Happi Feet Daycare:

There are 22 children at this daycare in Ocean View Primary School Easter Egg Drive – 18 April 2019

The successful Easter Egg drive allowed and it is run by Alvina Yan. Alvina works by herself and relies solely on the daycare fees (which is often not paid) to hold onto her “children” as she calls them.

Despite this, she somehow manages to get by. Alvina distributed easter eggs to Little Footprints, which is a less fortunate daycare down the road from hers. Little Footprints has 21 children.



 People Educare:There are 21 children at this educare in Ocean View. It is run by Gail Simons. The children who are in her care are

between 3 months to 5 year olds. This educare has one carer who rents a house in Ocean View. She pays R3000 to rent a house so that she can support single parents by looking after their children. Gail is dedicated to what she loves and sometimes even has her educare open until 8pm to accommodate parents. Little People Educare are struggling because they don’t have basic resources. Gail distributed eggs to Little Footsteps Educare which is run a road away from Little People Educare. Little Footsteps has 21 children.


Six foster children: These children were in the hospital recovering from tonsils being removed, meningitis and an appendix being removed. They were between the ages of 4 and 8.

Elderly Pensioners: There are three families, aged 60-78-year-olds who foster children. These pensioners foster children who are between 6 and 12-year-olds.

The pensioners distributed to an Abused Women’s Organisation via the church as well.

Showing gratitude:

“Here is a thank you from daycare staff in Ocean View.”

“To the staff of Imhoff Waldorf School, We like to thank you for your support.”

“Thank you Imhoff Waldorf, for giving us a day we will never forget. Bless your school and staff, parents.”

“Imhoff Waldorf School, you don’t know what this means to these kids, my kids, and to get involved is such a blessing. Thank you all so much. Keep on doing DEEDS, it will be rewarded. God Bless your school!”

It was a beautiful, yet sad experience to go around and see the situations, involving innocent children. Their eyes, their smiles, oh what a satisfying, gratifying experience.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this kind-hearted drive.

Much love to all,

Teacher Giselle