Autumn Garden Party

Toddler class welcomed back all parents and children to Term 2 and we are in the beautiful Autumn theme. This term we are enjoying crafts made with leaves and are having fun in the garden watching the surroundings and colours change. We had a lovely little garden party last week and had lots of fun pruning and tidying up the garden.  Matt and Candice generously brought us some Spekboom cuttings and showed the children how to plant them, they thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve learnt that this plant is an absolute essential plant to have everywhere.


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Some interesting facts about Spekboom:

  1. Spekboom is a proudly South African indigenous plan
  2. Spekboom is water wise
  3. Spekboom is one of the best carbon sequestrators in the world! -it improves the quality of air we breathe
  4. Spekboom can live for up to 200 years
  5. Spekboom has a unique mechanism to adapt to its surroundings and can grow in poor soil in drought and frost
  6. Spekboom is edible with a very high nutritional value


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So please plant these amazing plants everywhere.

We would like to wish everyone a wonderful and inspiring Term 2.

Teacher Leigh, Toddler Group Teacher.

Through celebrations in their seasons are the deeper powers of human nature realised.

Rudolf Steiner