Class 10 Parsival Experience

The Class 10s were feeling bereft of not having a Parsival Main Lesson next year due to the closure of the High School. Since they are of the most kind-hearted, wise young people I have had the privilege of teaching we decided to undertake this 13th century grail legend that tells of a young knight setting out to fulfill his destiny. The students were knighted and swore to uphold a Code of Conduct which they drew up for themselves.



We climbed beautiful Skeleton Gorge and had the great privilege of sleeping atop Table Mountain where they composed the following poems:


I am

The sunset

Yellow flowers

Red sky


Cold breeze


And the green grass

Beside the red mountain

~Siposetu Dayise

I am a pink sunset

The green and yellow grass

I am soft blues freshness and cold winds

I am the tall trees

I am the towering mountains

I am cracked lips, peachy colours and soft fabrics

I am the sound of the wind rushing through the mountains and trees

I am golden

I am purple flowers, the warm earth and the soft glow of burning candles

~Lily Olive


Upon return we discussed the deeper meaning of the story and how to live a good life rich in meaning. The students reflected on lessons learned during the journey and through the story:

My Grail moment was when I realised that if I quit …what would that say about the person I will become in the future, if I quit every time the going gets tough? This kept me going for the whole journey.

~Sinokuhle Jamba


I feel the wind all around me

As the last sun takes my hand

Along the sand and alone

I’m taken home

~Orin Patterson


Blessings on your journeys you beautiful souls.

by Charisse Louw