Class 3 Play – Joseph and his Brethren, written by Pelham Moffatt

“The children of class 3 finally performed their rendition of Joseph. The play has had a few hiccups on the way, with the first performance cancelled due to illness in the class, and the second due to the Ocean View protest, so it was with much anticipation that last Thursday’s performance was received. I am still in awe and wonder when I think back on this beautiful production.
What was particularly valuable for me, was not just the performance of the night, but the entire process of the play production. I was truly amazed at how my son approached the play, as with complete dedication he practised his lines over and over. The play was fairly complex – with old English and was also quite lengthy given the age group of the class, but the children embraced this with great enthusiasm. I also noticed a wonderful developmental shift in my child as he grappled with the complexity of his part. Putting on a play of this standard is a big production. Teacher Belinda’s dedication and commitment was evident throughout, and I feel this was reflected in the children’s enjoyment of it.

By Amanda Hall, Class 3 parent.