Class 4s Present “Sif and Loki” from the Norse Mythology

The Norse legends come from Northern Europe including Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The pagan gods of the Norse people often represented forces of nature.

Being a Waldorf school teacher from Norway, I find it fascinating that Norse mythology has found its way to the south of Africa. These timeless stories of powerful yet fallible gods offer plenty of adventure, pathos and humour. Through their study of the myths, fourth graders begin to understand themselves and their behaviours in new ways. Last week Class four presented “Sif and Loki”. With enthusiasm and humour the children gave us an impressive glimpse of the myths.













Although Thor was a raucous fellow, he did, underneath it all, have one soft spot – and that was for his beautiful wife. Her name was Sif, and he loved her tenderly and dearly. She had long, thick, wondrous golden hair, that flowed down her back like a field of corn. In fact, it was Sif who made the Norse people’s crops grow and their fields yield heavy corn that would keep people well-fed and happy. She travelled all over the northern world, and wherever there were families, farms and people tilling the land, Sif was sure to be near at hand, smoothing their path against the cruel winds, cold and winters of the north.

It was Loki, the god of fire and mischief, who found Sif sleeping, her gorgeous hair flowing all around her. He smiled at this chance to make trouble in the thunder god’s household. He knew that Sif’s hair of gold was Thor’s greatest treasure – and he was determined to take it away from him.

In the end Loki had to pay for his deeds, and that is how the gods got their special treasures, while deep down inside the earth, the gnomes became master smiths and the rich guardians of metals, minerals and crystals. They had learned  with hammer and tongs to fashion articles of beauty and magic from them.

Likewise, the beautiful costumes and delicate, colourful scenery of the play showed us the magic only Waldorf schools provide. Well done to Teacher Belinda and the children in Class Four!

Hedvig Fon Klyve, Class 4 parent