Class 7 Play: ‘Gallileo Galilei’

The Class 7’s of 2017 shared a brilliant performance of the play ‘Gallileo Galilei’ on a chilly Wednesday evening in October. From the moment one walked into the Movement Room, one was transported back in history – to the time of the Renaissance. The simple black back-drop, scattered with shimmering stars, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa was the ideal setting for this play, which told a story which spanned over decades.

The young actors, under the directorship of Penny Glover, managed to portray a believable and thrilling performance of the exciting, yet tragic, life of the great mathematician and scientist, Galileo Galilei. The costumes and props were kept to a minimum, allowing plenty of space for the children to truly act. They lived their parts on stage and held their audience captivated until the last word.

The night of the play was not without its own back-stage drama. Some of the props broke, there were a few unprompted sniggers and whistles from the audience and there was the inevitable stumbling over the lines. This proves again how this group of thespians were committed to perform a seemingly flawless play by improvising on the spot.

All-in-all, it was an evening of great entertainment – a History and Science lesson brought to you by the Class 7’s of 2017 through fun and enthusiastic acting.

by Mary-Anne Fynn, Class 7 Teacher