Class 7 Play “Magellan The Navigator”

We travelled around the world with Class 7’s final play “Magellan The Navigator” as they too prepare to set sail into high school and their futures.

Magellan’s great dream to discover distant lands was fraught with challenges, difficult passage, unknown waters, internal fighting and challenges to his command, not to mention encounters with antagonistic island dwellers.

After months of starvation and many lives lost, including his own, the story was recounted by the few survivors who returned to bring news back to their king. They were divided into two camps: those who thought Magellen was a fool and those who thought he was a visionary. The audience was left to decide which side they found convincing.

Thanks to the great support from the school as a whole. The audience spilled out of the movement room and the food was sold out, which will provide some extra funds for a wonderful year end bash for the Class 7s. Thanks for sending them out with a bang!

Sue Bassett, Class 7 parent