Dragon Tree Project Update

Rain brings hope, and so the thunder and lightning show we saw this month brought more than a spectacular show. It also reminds us that we are not alone on this journey on earth, but rather that we are connected to all earthly creatures and we are all dependent on her resources.

As you may recall, we will be using natural building techniques to ensure the Dragon Tree Project is on point when it comes to optimal solutions in both design and materials used. Read our DTP blog on the Rammed Earth method that will be used for some more insight: https://www.imhoffwaldorf.org/story-worth-telling/.

Our architect is currently focusing on the parking area and layout. This part of the school is key to access to the premises for our parents and children. As with each and every part of this project, a lot of thought and planning will go into this section too.

Supporting the Zero Waste movement, we developed shopper bags. These bags are made of organic hemp and our logo will be added with eco-friendly ink. These bags will be sold at markets and will form a small part of a stream of income to support our project.

Another part of our fundraising approach is to reach out to friends – asking International Waldorf Schools to participate in our fundraising drive. We are inviting schools to take part in our project by raising funds and in exchange the school that collects the most will see six of their students visit us and explore Cape Town.

If you have any questions or inputs, please contact our DTP fundraising team: funddtp@imhoffwaldorf.org

Jolene Du Plessis, DTP Fundraising