Our homes are our shelters and our protection – but they are also the places we feel we can belong. We nurture ourselves and the people close to us here. We create havens from the world, so that we can then go out into it and engage with other people, and the challenges and rewards of our environment.

There are, of course, many different ideas about what makes a good house. Depending on where we are, our houses could be tin or fabric, brick or wood, mud or snow. Loghouse or longhouse, yurt or hut, our houses are special to us, because they draw on the cultures of our pasts, and enable us to work, live and feel that we belong in our present.

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The Class 3s have built their own models of houses. The criteria were that the houses could be no larger than 50cm by 50cm, and that they had to consist of natural or recycled materials. The houses had to be complete and structurally stable, and they had to be decorated in the style chosen by the child. The Class 3s could also choose whether to include the people who live in the house. It had to be their own work.

Designing and building models of houses help us to think about our new school, and how we can all work towards creating the spaces we want to live in. We want the Imhoff Waldorf’s new school building to be a good school: safe for its students as well as inclusive of the communities around it, eco-friendly and earth-conscious – but more than anything, we want the buildings we set here to feel like the home we’ve always wanted. That home is for our bodies, minds and spirits, and we think Rudolf Steiner would be proud.

You can help us make it happen.

Help us build our home – buy a brick or two or more: For more details visit https://gogetfunding.com/our-waldorf-legacy/