Learning pure joy from the children 

Today I have cooking and baking planned for my aftercare and I brought my pasta machine.

The children arrive and their eyes and imagination are immediately captured by this silvery, sparkly, shiny object. And the questions begin: what is it? what is it for? how does it work? why is it here?

So, after agreeing that it is a pasta machine and that we are going to make pasta later, now I have to re-direct their attention to washing hands and having lunch.


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As soon as story time is over, the children are really ready to make pasta! I get the ingredients out on the working table and when the flour comes out, the real fun begins! In between giggles and puffs of flour, we start mixing our pasta…

The laughter, the playful mischievousness and, at the same time, the true willingness of learning something new permeate our pasta making. 

When we finally see the end result, I notice a sparkle in the children’s eyes and I realise that I am the one who has learnt something today…

The pure joy of working and learning together as only children can.

Once again, I find deep gratitude for the beauty that children unveil around me.

With love