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  Waldorf curriculum: An endless cycle of renewal       How ‘twisted’ early childhood has become – from a child development expert         Is Waldorf still a school for ‘hippies’, or in fact better at preparing kids for adulthood?                   […]

Waldorf Primary Curriculum

  The Waldorf Primary curriculum builds up through the years and the teachers offer challenges and opportunities that harness the growing curiosity and conceptual thinking of the children in a positive and healthy way. While the children need to increasingly understand the nature of how things work, there is still a yearning for story and […]

Second Grade Curriculum: Duality

    Much of what is done in the second grade year builds upon the groundwork laid in the first grade, increasing the repertoire of knowledge and skills developed in the previous year. The second grader’s learning through imitation is still prevalent and their thinking is still very pictorial.  Thus the teacher continues to present […]

Third Grade Curriculum: Turning Point

  The third grade is often called the turning point of childhood. The eight-year-old is going through a change that is particularly profound. Rudolf Steiner describes how the nine-year-old experiences, at a spiritual level, what the three-year-old experienced when first using the word “I”. Before the age of nine, the major part of the child’s […]

Fifth Grade Curriculum: Golden Year

  Fifth grade is referred to as the “golden year” because students at this age are enthusiastic about learning, eager for new challenges and capable of hard work and creativity. A sense of self-consciousness emerges, yet they remain confident and harmonious with their surroundings. They develop an ordered sense of space and time, and hold […]