Out with the old, in with the new

What a surprise for all the teachers, parents and children, being told to pack up in two weeks, because the time has come for our school to move. It came as a moment of final realisation that our long term dream was actually happening. There were lots of mixed feelings, as there is with change, and it called on all our inner and outer resources to be able to ‘ evacuate’ and move all our equipment to Soetwater for Primary School and to set up Pre-School classes at the homes of obliging parents.

The parents in all classes were extremely supportive and before long there were offers of packing helpers, movers, trailers, all hands on deck, including the little children who even helped to pack teachers cars on the last day of school Friday the 23rd of August and Saturday the 24th of August.

There was a very moving ceremony under the big tree to mark this auspicious moment of saying goodbye to our beloved old Imhoff School. After some beautiful singing, Teacher Glenda invited everyone to hug a tree. What an emotional moment, to honour this land, the trees, and all it has given to us. A safe place of love, nature and friendships.

We are like Waldorf gypsies in the new venues, but not for long. What strikes me is the adaptability of the our school community to embrace change.

As a teacher, it’s really not only about the curriculum, but also about our relationship with each family that makes the Waldorf way work. While adapting to new spaces, we still have this underlying strong and true relationship with each other. We are embarking on a new beginning together. We look forward a newly created school on our own land after the holidays. We’re doing it! During this transition time, we want to thank those parents in Pre-School that have opened their homes to us and all the parents, Pre-School and Primary, who have helped us with this, which will last until the end of term.

Thank you to the whole Waldorf community for working together, so that the change is not a difficult one for the children. We are able to still continue with the familiar rhythms routines and activities of the day. Parents are helping each other with lifts and it is wonderful to see the creative plans that have come together to make things easier for everyone.

Thank you, also, to the energetic team of parents who are undertaking the huge task of moving our school to our new land.

I’m even more inspired to keep believing in our original dream. A dream to be the most beautiful, natural Waldorf School, in the best location, where children and their strong connection to nature can continue to inspire us, going into the future.

See you soon in the forest.

Teacher Nan

In the words of Rudolf Steiner-

The healthy social life is found when, in the mirror of each human soul, the whole community finds its reflection and when in the community the virtue of each one is living.