News from the Kindergarten

Josephine’s Kindergarten class said goodbye to Robyn who has been assisting Josephine for a year. Robyn had the opportunity to take up further training at the Centre for Creative Education (CCE). We wish her all the best. She was a lovely colleague and we appreciate all she gave to the class in her time at Imhoff. Thank you Robyn!

We welcome Nanine Gaynor to our faculty. Nanine taught in one of the first Kindergarten classes at Imhoff when my daughter began at Playgroup with Laurence 12 years ago. She taught alongside Robyn Davis who is now a teacher Trainor. Nanine has her diploma from the Centre for Creative Education (CCE).

We welcome Nanine into our pre-school faculty and wish her a wonderful journey at Imhoff. Thank you for bringing your gentle energy and experience to the class.

Nan Raubenheimer, Playgroup Teacher

I wish to express my thanks to the angels for the opportunity to work at Imhoff again. I feel great joy to be able to work here with these beautiful children.

Nanine Gaynor