A Night to Revel In – The Art Auction

For some, it’ll be their first time at an art auction, when, a week from now, bidding numbers will be clasped in hand, in anticipation for that favourite item to be brought onto the stage. The live auction, presented by comedian and deep south local, Rob van Vuuren, promises to thrill and delight guests. And as for poking fun, they say it’s a sign of true endearment!

During the interval, guests will have a chance to put final bids on the silent auction items and soak in the sights and sounds of the attractive Cape Point Vineyards – all ours for the night.
Let it be a night where talk about the dear children is outweighed by musings over the interesting creations (of the art and human kind) around us.

Essentially, pre-school parents share a piece of themselves when they provide a carefully made item or service (in voucher form) for auction. It’s pretty brave and worthy of a salute. I’ve been told of a pre-school mum who discovered her raw talent and love of drawing whilst making her first auction item and since become a full-time artist!

The auction has, in the past, brought in R90 000 and we hope that this year’s items and bidders will make it happen again.

Below are a few items that will be auctioned this year.











Do extend the invitation to those who might enjoy it on Face Book https://business.facebook.com/events/175082319967756/

We look forward to welcoming many new and old faces on Saturday June 9th  to bear witness to the creative force of the Imhoff parents.

Internal Fundraising Team