Our 100 Club

The brainchild of former Imhoff parent, Tamzin Shaw, the 100 Club has been running for a few years. The profits go towards building our new school – The Dragon Tree Project – and along the way, the school has joyfully given many winners R10 000 each.

Come watch the draw on Thursday 15th March at 12.30pm under the big tree and share the joy and excitement. If you’d like to volunteer to be blindfolded and draw the lucky ball please let me know. Making someone’s day by choosing their number is quite invigorating!

There’s a strong drive to sign up members over the next two weeks –  please help up to get more players so that we don’t run at a loss this year. Anyone over 18 years can play and the cost is R100 a month.

Cassandra Hunter, Internal Fundraising