Reflection by Irene Stewart, Class 11 Guardian and English Teacher


I had been out of teaching for a decade before I discovered Imhoff Waldorf. I was so happy to find a school where I could teach the way I believe teachers should teach – and children should be taught. I had planned to stay at Imhoff forever and be one of those embarrassing people who simply won’t leave. Alas, that is not how things have turned out.

I have loved my time at Imhoff Waldorf. It reminded me of what I loved most about teaching and about teenagers.

I am off to Fish Hoek High School for two terms – and after that, I am trusting that something as wonderful as Imhoff – although I don’t see how that is possible – will turn up.

For I believe – as the 14th-century Christian mystic, Julian of Norwich, says – that “all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well”.

by Irene Stewart

Staff at Valedictory 2016
Staff in assembly