“Roma-Amor” Presented by Class 6

The Class 6s put on a fun comedy called Roma Amor which centres on life in Rome under the extravagant rule of Emperor Nero. It is a crazy love story about noble Roman twins who choose to switch roles so that they can be near the one their heart desires. The young maiden join the legionnairies in her brother’s place to fight alongside the General she has a crush on, while the young master remains behind in the city to swoon over the lady he is in love with under the guise of a stonemason. Of course many things go wrong along the way and their trickery almost catches them out.

Sandra Le Blanc, Class 6 teacher
























Class 6 put on a stellar performance when they presented their play “Roma – Amor” this evening. Always such an inspiration to see how the children come into their own in these plays.

The story centres on the noble twins Lucia and Marius Tullius, both of whom are dissatisfied with their lives. They hatch a plan to switch roles so they can lead a life they want……….

What a wonderful fun-filled Roman comedy!

Brilliant production, well done class 6!!!!

Imelda Neate, Class 6 parent