Scratch Patch Adventure

Bright and shiny stones everywhere! The Class 1s went on a wonderfully colourful adventure to the Scratch Patch to collect beautiful precious stones to use as our class counters. We searched in the stream, in the cave and along the stone paths to pick out the best stones to have as our counters. Much fun was had while at the Scratch Patch where some games were played, many stones were gathered and laughter could be heard from all corners. We managed to gather many unique and colourful counters to share with the whole class as we now move into our next Main Lesson, the Four Processes, where we will be using them to help us count and work out sums. It was truly fantastic to see the excitement and enthusiasm that each child had while choosing which stones to collect. Teacher Bilqis and I enjoyed watching the children come together as they admired all the precious stones around and the day was much enjoyed by everyone.

Shelby Hadwen, Class 1 Teacher