A Small Step to Making a Huge Difference

We recently launched our range of eco shopper bags with great excitement. And while this may seem like a simple material bag, there is so much more to them than what you see. At face value, they are both beautiful and practical – but it is what they represent that makes them special.

Our bags are made of organic hemp material and proudly boast our Imhoff Waldorf School logo printed with eco-friendly ink. The natural textures and colours make these bags pretty to look at and lovely to carry. Besides their obvious value, profits made on these bags are to form part of our Dragon Tree Project’s fundraising efforts. The bag’s purpose is not only to help raise funds, but also to project and reiterate Imhoff Waldorf’s story.

Used in place of a plastic bag and made of only natural materials, the bag contributes to a lifestyle that understands that we have to lessen our footprint and take care of Mother Nature. Taking this bag to the shop and saying no to plastic is a simple but bold statement – one that marries the concept of our eco-school with a visible action. Just as we are meticulously planning each and every aspect of our new school building to adjust to our curriculum while harmonising with the natural environment – with as little impact as possible.

This simple cloth bag embodies the story that is so close to our hearts, of a school founded with the main goal of raising our children with awareness of and respect for our environment.

Buy your bag at our craft shop on Thursdays and help us continue to tell our story.

Jolene Du Plessis, DTP Fundraising