Snippets from the Classrooms

Class 5 have left Persia and are busy with another Main Lesson already, but their work is a lovely reminder of the beautiful stories they heard during their time there. They wrote their names in the Old Persian Alphabet (Aryan Script) with great care.








Class 5 is forging ahead with their mittens and socks on four double-pointed needles.








Class 6 is successfully designing patterns for their stuffed animals.










And Class 1 is busy with all things knitting: finger knitting, making knitting needles and starting plain knitting – how very thrilling!









Teacher Bonnie’s Class 2s have been learning about place value in Maths over the last while.


















Some more beautiful work from Teacher Bonnie’s Class 2s. These pages are from their Saint Stories Main Lesson books.
























Kyk die mooi sambrele,
Met hul mooie kleure,
Rooi en geel en blou,
Hou die druppels weg van jou!” ?

? ” watch the beautiful umbrellas,
With their pretty colors,
Red and yellow and blue,
Keep those drops away from you!”  ?

The Class 1s surprised their teacher today with beautiful little umbrellas that they made themselves over the last few weeks during their Afrikaans lessons.









Here is the brilliant, beautiful work the Class 6s did during their exploration of the origins of Afrikaans.

























From pieces of wood to beautifully shaped eggs. The Class 7s and Teacher Ulric are still working away at sanding these eggs to a lovely final finish.

“Woodworking connects one with nature, and it is a magical process to use one’s hands and imagination to create something from what appears to be just a piece of wood.”
















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