St Johns Festival

John the Baptist called upon mankind to seek the light. The festival of St. John’s reminds us to cultivate inner light and warmth. All students make lanterns – a symbol of the light. Traditionally a great bonfire is built around which the students and the community gather. The Class 7s traditionally light the big bonfire with burning rods.

When the flames die down, students, teachers and parents jump over the ashes to signify leaving behind past troubles. Hot, nourishing bowls of soup and fresh bread is served. It is a memory-filled festival for everyone involved.

St John's Festival (News: 29 Jun 2018)
Soetwater Environmental Centre on Lighthouse Road
After you have parked, meet in the car park with the big whale structure:
Please arrive at 5:15pm, no later. The ceremony will start at 5:30pm.
There will be a story and a spiral lantern walk and then our Class Seven children will light a bonfire.
End: 7.30pm – Gates close
Please do not park at the parking lot by the big whale.
You may park along the road or in the car park on your left after you pass the parking lot with the whale. From the
car park, please use the grass verge along the beach to walk to the whale, not the road (for safety reasons).
We will be checking the forecast day by day leading up to the 15th. We will make the final call by 2pm on whether a
postponement is necessary. All families will then be contacted.
Each class will organise their soup sharing for the evening.
This is a closed event – only for parents and siblings.
No one may go onto the beach or go for a swim – especially as the sun sets.
The venue is on the beachfront so it could be cold – come prepared.