”Ter nagedagtenis aan…” by Maggie Joubert, Afrikaans and Drama teacher

”Ter nagedagtenis aan…” is how you start an obituary or a eulogy or a death notice in Afrikaans.
This is my tribute to an amazing school, a school where I have seen and experienced more care, depth and compassion, than at any other workplace.
A school where I had the absolute pleasure of working with and alongside interesting, interested, wise, inquisitive, passionate, multi-skilled and superbly talented teachers and students!

I started teaching at the Imhoff Waldorf High School in January 2015. These last 3 years have been some of the most rewarding and enriching teaching years I have ever had in my teaching career.
When I met with the Afrikaans Moderator from the Education Department after my Matrics’ oral moderation, just over a year ago, her words to me were:
”These are some of the most interesting, mature and confident students I have ever met – at both private and government schools. I don’t know what you do at this school, but keep on doing it.”

In that moment, and in plenty of moments like that one, I realised exactly what a gem of a school this is. The loss of this high school is not just a loss to the school community , but a profound loss to the whole community and our society as a whole. When I heard of the closing of the school, I felt sorrow and grief like when a family member passes away. These last couple of months were extremely hard – to stay motivated, positive, upbeat, healthy(!); with the closing of our school looming in the near-future and knowing that its closing could have been prevented if there was a collective effort from the whole Imhoff Waldorf Community.
But be that as it may, I will always remember my time as a teacher at Imhoff Waldorf High with much love and joy.
I hope our students flourish and thrive wherever they may go.
Oh dear, I hope my dear colleagues can find employment where their skill, talents, passion and commitment are recognized and utilised and applied.

This is indeed ”Ter nagedagtenis aan Imhoff Waldorf High” – a phenomenal little school that had major impact on many lives.

by Maggie Joubert

Maggie doing Nia with matrics, 2016