The Eco School flag

At the end of 2011 Imhoff Waldorf School was awarded the Eco-School flag by WESSA for our ongoing commitment to environmental issues and dedication to sustainability. We chose the birthday celebration of Rudolf Steiner on Monday, 27 February as a great time to raise this flag. We were awarded the green flag again for 2013 thanks to all the hard work of the parents involved in the green team.

Thank you to the green team and to all the teachers who continue to enable our school to have Eco-School status. Thank you too to Alexandra James-Gets for getting us our green flag status in 2006. Green team members for 2014 include, Sandy Dowling, Sarah Dowling, Laurence Tocreau, Dave Baxter, Joy Levin and Monique Fagan. If anyone would like to get involved please e-mail Sandy at