The Michaelmas Festival

Singing and laughter could be heard from all corners of the Primary School while swords and dragon pictures and paintings could be seen in classrooms and in the movement room when the Primary School celebrated the Michaelmas Festival on Friday, 21st September.

The day was filled with many activities, starting with wonderful singing and a beautiful story about St. Michael told by Teacher Belinda. After the story, the children all gathered to support the Class 1s in taming the dreaded dragon. The Class 1s stood ready and showed much courage and excitement to fulfil their task.








The dragon was tamed and the children set off into smaller groups to complete 7 different challenges all around the Primary School. They had riddles that would help to lead them to where they needed to be and once at each challenge they had to work as a team to complete it. Each one of the teams showed great courage, strength, bravery, commitment and support during each challenge that they faced. The final 8th challenge brought all the groups together to finish off the festival where they had to support each other while running through a turning skipping rope.










It was so amazing to see all the children in each group working together, guiding the smaller children and enjoying themselves during the festival. It was such a fantastic way to end the term with so much laughter and fun.

‘Dreaded Dragon red and black
Jiggered scales along its back.
Thorny wings thrash higher and higher
Fearless fangs and eyes of fire.
Michael with sword of light
Strikes against the Dragons might
Tame this monster of the night
Michael, Arch Angel bright.’

Shelby Hadwen, Class 1 teacher