Waldorf 100 Torch

We were blessed to receive The Michael Mount Waldorf 100 torch. This special torch for Waldorf 100 symbolises the light of Waldorf education as it passes from one school to another around South Africa and abroad, unifying and reaffirming our collective Waldorf spirit. The ‘Marathon around the World’ torch project was initiated by the Michael Mount Waldorf School. Two of their Adventure Leadership students got involved in planning the route for the torch to travel, and designing the Waldorf 100 logo on the ribbon for schools to write their names on. The torch itself was designed and made by our woodwork teacher and the box in which it travels was also made by a Michael Mount teacher. The journey of the Michael Mount Waldorf 100 torch began at a special regional schools function ‘up north’. It spent some time at The Waldorf School at Rosemary Hill in Pretoria and from there it journeyed to Lesedi Waldorf School in Limpopo. And so the Waldorf 100 torch travels onward and is now traversing the Cape Town area sharing its light. Imhoff’s ribbon is proudly attached to the torch as it stands proudly in the foyer. The torch went to Zenzaleni Waldorf School next.


Imhoff Waldorf School