100 deeds for Waldorf 100

Our school theme is 100 deeds for Waldorf 100

To celebrate the centenary of Waldorf Education, we chose to perform

100 good deeds to commemorate each year of our movement’s existence.

We plan to nurture and serve our school, our greater community and our planet by carrying out these deeds.  Each class will decide on ten initiatives to meet this objective, and there will be collective school deeds carried out too. Our first act of service was for everyone to collect litter from the forest on your new land.

Teacher Sandra, Class 7.

Here’s an example of what we are offering to the global celebration of 100 years of Waldorf: Class 6 is very environmentally conscious and we always strive to have a litter-free playground and classroom. As part of our 100 deeds as a class, we collect recycling every Thursday afternoon from each class from around the primary school. It is gathered in recycling bags and put neatly at our recycling station ready for collection.

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Another deed for our community is that in the new term class 6 will spend two mornings a week reading with allocated class 2 buddies.

Animals are very close to the children’s hearts so for Mandela Day we will do a wet/dry food drive for the rescued animals at D.A.R.G

Teacher Candice, Class 6.