Bloublommetjieskloof Bio-Dynamic Farm

Class 3 went on their very first class camp – to Bloublommetjieskloof Bio-dynamic Farm in Wellington. They were given an authentic, old-style farming experience which included activities such as milking the cows, butter-making, compost-making and other general farm duties. It was lovely to watch them interact with all of the different farm animals.

In the mornings, before breakfast, they would feed the animals, milk the cows, groom the horses and take them out to pasture. Throughout the day they were put into different groups and each group would learn about and perform different farm activities. On the first night we did a beautiful night walk and on the second night we played a game, Capture the lantern. On our evening walk we experienced beautiful dancing fireflies which mirrored the magical experience of the farm and the nature surrounding it.

Lots of fun was had as the children swam in the dams, went horse-riding, and played games. It was wonderful to see the members of the class bond with one another and share these wonderful experiences.

Daniel Raubenheimer, Class 3 teacher