Sports Day

On a blustery Friday the Imhoff children arrived in yellow, blue, red and green for our annual sports day. The air was electric with enthusiasm, good comraderie and team spirit.  This year we welcomed a few new variations to the races, which added a challenge and excitement.  We had our lovely coaches, Kyle and Dale, who were our starters at the beginning of each race. We opened the track with a sprint, followed by a relay race and the obstacle race. This year we saw a three-legged race, and skipping – which tested agility and coordination. Rounding off this fun-filled event was the tug-of-war. Each child pulled and heaved with all their might and all the teachers cheered with their well-practised bellowing voices. The highlight for the children – of course – is the teachers’ race. Every year we say we are not going to run, but hearing an entire primary school chanting “Teachers’ race!”, we always change our minds! It was a lovely day to see the children united and encouraging each other every step of the way. Well done to all!

Candice du Plessis, Class 5 teacher