Class 5 Camp At Back 2 Basics

On the 7th of November the Class 5s went on camp to Back 2 Basics. It is a lovely spot just past Elgin, filled with pine trees, a dam and adventure. We were met by our two robust facilitators, who showed us our tents and bunk beds. This is only camp I have been on so far where there are three different places to shower! Our days were filled with obstacle courses, human fussball, zip-lining, water sports and my absolute favourite – night walks. The children were introduced to a game that quickly became a camp favourite: gaga ball. It is played in a pig pit and you can only use your hand (not the feet) to hit the ball. At every opportunity the whole class would be in the pig pit. Even as we were getting on the bus to leave, the children were asking, “One more game?” One more game turned out to be about seven more! We all had an enjoyable time at camp; we came home happy but exhausted.

Candice du Plessis, Class 5 teacher