Sylvia Spreads Her Wings To The Kindergarten

Sylvia Bleki began in Playgroup eight years ago. She initially volunteered with my second class once a month whilse she was training at the Centre for Creative Education. Heidi and David Evans supported and encouraged her to do the training.

In my first year I had a group of twelve children on my own and Sylvia joined me the following year as a Playgroup assistant.

Together we saw four classes complete their Playgroup year in the now-Toddler class and 2015 saw us moving to the present classroom facing the Kindergarten, and another 4 years teaching together here.

We saw many siblings and families coming back and we valued the community spirit and supportive parents in our classes.

What I have appreciated about Sylvia is her gracious presence and gentle, compassionate nature. She has a quiet way of observing and understanding children whilst supporting them in their play.

In our working together we have always put the protection of child’s play in the centre of our relationship. Thank you, Sylvia, for holding the quality of reverence which is so important for children these days – to feel that the world is beautiful, good and true. This quality of wonder allows us to feel love and trust, and inspires an interest In the world and respect for each other.

Socially, too, children are learning so much between three and four-and-a-half. Sylvia has always helped children to sort out conflicts peacefully by supporting calm, honest expression.

This year I have also seen her grow in her craft experience and that will be a good skill to take in to Kindergarten.

I hope we can continue next year to meet daily under a kind tree and exchange stories and laughter the way we have done over the years.

Thank you, Sylvia, for being an anchor and a positive guide to all the Playgroup children.

Enjoy your journey in Kindergarten 2019!

Nan Raubenheimer, Playgroup teacher