Class 8 Camp at Breede Escape, Bonnievale

This camp was wonderful and relaxed; there were many bonding activities, swims, conversations, amazing meals and shooting stars. – Mila

The camp was different from my previous school camps. Everyone seemed to grow up and become their own individual selves. – Oscar

I felt like we all bonded more on camp than at school and everyone was so kind and funny. – Christelle

I loved how this camp brought the class together. I was really sad when the five lovely days came to an end and I will never forget my class and the memories we made together. –Zarin

The camp site was amazing and I enjoyed my time there. I wish there was a swing over the river at camp though. –Thomas

I got to know everyone a bit better. Kit and I dressed up as savages with mud and camo! – Katy

Before I went on camp I had a handful of friends in the class, but now all of them are my friends. Even though the class will split up at the end of the year I’m still happy I got to know everyone. –Roxanne

The camp was really great. It was nice on the river and it was fun swimming and kayaking. We found a swing going out over the river and some rapids to kayak down. –Ruben

Camp was fun and interesting and I had a great experience with the class and teachers. –Blaze

Camp was an amazing experience. I made a mud pig called Cinnamon and we got to bond with the class. I loved camp overall. – Kitana

I was a bit nervous about the first day of camp bing my birthday, but I was very pleased to see how my classmates made an effort to make my day amazing. –Jared

It was cool going down the river on kayaks and swinging into the water. -Finn