Class 9 Petervale Camp Highlights

Camp was epic, it was nice and chilled. I enjoyed spending time with my mates. We had so much fun canoeing and the place was so beautiful and peaceful. We were surrounded by nature, no electronics. I woke up early every morning just to listen to the birds. There was also a waterfall which had the sweetest-tasting water! – Zintle

I’m very proud of myself for jumping off a cliff into the lake! We played 30 seconds on the first night which was really fun, my team won every time (obviously!). We all became much closer on the camp and I learnt that people in my class snore and are easily frightened! -Katlego

Where do I start? Camp was phenomenal! I was so excited the night before, I went to bed with a smile on my face at the thought of spending a whole week with the best class! It was very hot during camp, most of us swam every day. All the girls slept in one tepee which was really nice because we had so much to talk about! The hike to the waterfall was tiring but worth it: it was magnificent. The food Janis helped us prepare was delicious. I created so many memories on this camp that I will keep in my heart. -Sinazo

The highlights of my class camp were probably spending time with my class away from school. It just reminds me how much I am going to miss this class. We really bonded over those five days. From playing Pictionary at night, shouting out answers for the opposing team, to pushing a canoe around the lake and reenacting scenes from our Shakespeare play as other characters: I made so many special memories. One of the things I am going to miss most about this class is how we can make each other laugh, no matter what. Our inside jokes are things we will never forget. -Tallulah

The highlight of the camp for me was hearing the girls scream because of the rat and seeing the boomslang was pretty fun. It was nice to not have any planned activities and to spend time playing chess and Uno with my friends. -Ishmael

Camp was fun because everyone got on with each other. There was a big lake and a waterfall that some of us jumped into. One day there was a boomslang in a tree and it was going for a bird. It went for the bird’s babies and ate three of them! We tried to stop it by throwing stones at it but we were too late, it slithered away. Camp was really fun but I was tired and happy to see my family when I got home. -Ben