Class 8 Reflections

Class 8 2017

Reflection on my year at Imhoff Waldorf High School


I can’t believe my first and last year here has already come to an end. It feels like just the other day that I came for our tea party orientation thing and I remember exactly how I was feeling. To be completely honest, I wasn’t feeling very excited or happy about coming to Imhoff High. I had initially wanted to join a bunch of friends going to Constantia, but I had been denied that. So I decided to just come to Imhoff for a year. I had heard all sorts of silly rumours about this school and I didn’t know whether to believe them or not so I decided to see for myself and give it a try.

I think it was by the end of the first week that I realised that this little school is so much more than what it looks like from the outside. I realised that it was more than just a school, it was a little community and a big family and I don’t think that people who don’t come here quite understand that. I remember comparing schools with my friends who didn’t come here and them telling me about the fights at break, the rude bullies, the bitchy girls and how the older classes barely looked at them. So I tried not to the kindness everyone had for each other here for granted.

It occurred to me that this school was extremely unique and that it would be hard to find any other school like it out there; with no bullies and where no one judges you, where no one cares if you’re rich or what clothes you wear, or how you look, or what you like, where everyone just accepts each other for who they are. Its very humbling when people don’t care about those things and I think I’ve been humbled by my year here. I’ve learned not to judge and to accept every type of person, because every type of person can be found in our school. I think this is what makes it so special. Everyone adds their different aspects and personalities to the group and when one person is missing they leave a gap that only they can fill.

This little school will leave a huge gap in my life and I’ll miss you all terribly and though this year has been very unsettling, I will never, ever regret it. I will always remember Imhoff and hold its name up high.

Zarin Wolff, Class 8


My Time at Imhoff Waldorf


Wow! Where shall I start? Imhoff has just been so amazing! Life changing. I have only been here for a year but as soon as I arrived I felt that I fitted in. Everyone is very kind and welcoming and free. I always admired that about my peers. I’m proud of myself for adopting these qualities. I am really only now realizing that this is coming to an end. And just as I was writing this Ruben hit me with my water bottle and I would normally be upset but I just can’t be. I feel family relationships with my class. I can’t believe I have only been here for a year. I have good relationships with everyone in my class. This school has really changed me as a person, I couldn’t have hoped for anything else in my life. I have such great memories with all my friends here. I want to thank all my teachers who have helped me.

Jared Morkel



I’ve been at Imhoff from Playgroup till now. I really enjoyed Primary School, me and my friends got into quite a lot of trouble. From Grade 5 to Grade 7 were my favourite years. I’ve really liked High School and have made some new friends, camp was my best as well. I’m going to miss everyone who’s not going to my new school.

Ruben Jenkins-Bate



My time at Imhoff Waldorf High School has been quite brief, well a year. It’s been a rollercoaster of memories. From making friends and rivalries too. Saying goodbyes to the Class 12s and 11s, watching plays and going to school functions. I’ve had so much fun here and I’ve had the best class ever.

Oscar Dooley



It’s been a great year, sadly we can’t continue. I’m going to miss a lot of teachers and students and the lessons. Goodbye y’all, good luck!

Thomas Dehning





I’ve been in this school since I was four

And a little me got locked out of the kindergarten door

Crying because I wanted to be Mary in the play

Making friends I still have today

We’ve tried to poison one teacher

We’ve put a live bug in the other’s top

I’ve run around playing horse games

And sat in a classroom doing work a lot

This year has been amazing. Fun, interesting and I’ve made and got closer to friends. I’m so grateful to have been a part of this High School community and so sad that this year is already over. Thank you all the students and teachers for making this year a pleasant experience. I will miss you all. Goodbye.

Mila Germond



I came from a huge girl’s school where if you’re a bit different, you wouldn’t fit in. So some of us had to pretend every day. When we had to move and I had to choose a new school, I looked at this one and knew that this was it. At first I was scared but after the first week I was so happy because I could be myself. The people here are amazing. I love my friends and I’m very sad to leave, but I can walk out with an idiotic smile on my face knowing that this was the best experience of my life.

Katie Roselli


Before I came to Imhoff Waldorf I was at Fish Hoek. I have made a nice group of friends and now it feels like family to me. I’m going to miss my classmates and their funniness.

Christelle Kleinhans