Past Students: Athenkosi Mboyisa

Athii in the front, Riane and Yolani behind her

“Don’t cry because it’s over , smile because it happened” – Dr Seuss

The strangest thing about looking back at an experience is the fact that you find yourself questioning whether or not you enjoyed it as much as you should have. You wonder if you could have said something differently to make more people smile or laugh or rather cry your heart out during those endless moments of true sentimental value.

I was a learner at Imhoff Waldorf High School from grade 9 to 13 and If I were to describe my experience at Imhoff Waldorf High School in one word it would be “incomparable”. It was incomparable in a sense that I don’t think that I would have had that experience if I was at another school. From the first day I walked into that little farm house school with only two class rooms and a vision that had come to life by an amazing woman named Carol Berry. To very the last day when I wrote my final matric paper , achieving my goal with the help of our wonderful teachers.

We shared, we laughed, we fell and we cried together, it was those moments that always reminded me of the genuineness of each and every person who has left their mark at the high school to this day. Nothing lasts forever but that is the beauty of life because if everything was always there then one could never truly appreciate and I am absolutely grateful.

by Athenkosi Mboyise

Matric girls, 2016. Athii is third in line.